12 NOVEMBER 2018 11:10

E.G. Lewis Group are proud to introduce Business Development & Marketing Coordinator, Ben Jenkins as its fourth To Change To Champion.

On Wednesday 10th  October, the group announced that employees had become Time To Change Champions, this in support of World Mental Health Day.

Time To Change Champions use their experience of mental health problems to change the way people think and act about mental health. Being a champion is a flexible and voluntary commitment. You can do what you have time for, and what you’re comfortable doing.

Why did you want to become a Time To Change Champion?

“Having attended the BITC Mental Health at Work event alongside HR & Training Manager Hannah Lewis, I really felt that E.G. Lewis Group could act upon tackling the stigma surrounding mental health within the workplace whilst having the right procedures in place to support our employees.

Has past experiences within the topic of mental health encouraged you to become a Time To Change Champion?

“After dealing with personal issues within previous employment,  this has only driven me on to ensure that this does not occur within the workplace in the near future.

According to Business in the Community’s Mental Health at Work 2018 report, 61% of employees say they have experienced a mental Health issue due to work or where work was a related factor.

Whilst Rethink Mental Health adds that 1 in 10 young people have a mental health diagnosis.

How do you feel you can do to make a difference as a Time To Change Champion?

“I truly believe that with me being a strong communicator, my personal MBA Business Management course and relevant events courtesy of BITC have provided me with the necessary tools to address the issue of mental health within the workplace.

Break the culture of silence that surrounds mental health and talk to your employer.